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Pole Mounting
Engineered for Optimized Performance & Minimized Dimensions

Our Arthroscopy Pump seamlessly integrates automatic instrument detection and software control, ensuring optimized flow regulation at up to 1.5 l/min max flow. Enhance procedural visibility with the wash function, while simultaneously prioritizing patient safety through transponder-protected tube sets. Its flexible pole mounting further facilitates easy maneuverability, making intricate procedures more manageable than ever before.

Our Arthroscopy Pump’s automatic instrument detection optimizes flow regulation, ensuring precise control during surgical procedures. This feature streamlines workflow and contributes to improved surgical outcomes.

The Arthroscopy Pump boasts a maximum flow rate of 1.5 liters per minute, providing ample capacity for various surgical needs while maintaining efficiency and precision.

The wash function of our Arthroscopy Pump is designed to enhance visibility during procedures by effectively removing debris and enhancing clarity within the joint, enabling surgeons to work with greater precision.

Patient safety is our priority. Our Arthroscopy Pump features transponder-protected tube sets to ensure the highest level of safety for patients. This advanced protection mechanism adds an extra layer of security to the surgical process, giving peace of mind to both surgeons and patients alike.

Technical Data

Pressure Range5-150 mmHg
Max. flow1.5 l/min ± 10 %
MainsMedical world power supply,
100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption60 VA
Current consumption100 V: 1.2 A
240 V: 0.6 A
Fuse designation2x T 3.15 AH, 250 V
ClassificationsProtection class I, Type BF, IP 41
Dimensions (w x h x d)*240 x 103 x 221 mm
Weight2.8 kg

Item Data

Fluid PumpA127
Disposable, only Inflow, transponder protection
(1 packaging = 10 pcs.)
Reusable tube set, only inflow, 20 uses,
transponder protection
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