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Camera Head Twin Charger

Wireless Camera Head

Wireless Base Station
Revolutionizing Arthroscopic Surgery with Precision and Efficiency

Nuvis Wireless Camera System revolutionizes arthroscopic surgery with unparalleled freedom and clarity. This wireless solution eliminates traditional constraints, providing surgeons with greater surgical efficiencies. With its proprietary “channel-hopping” technology, the system offers crystal-clear imaging, reduced setup time, and superior outcomes. Nuvis sets a new standard for minimally invasive procedures, ensuring innovation and precision in every surgery.

No, with the Nuvis single-use scope the light source is built into the scope.

Yes, however the system eliminates the camera cord yet combines the camera controller/image storage box into a small wireless base station.

With the reduction of cables and connections to equipment, surgical set-up and workflow should be significantly enhanced.

Typical connectivity is approximately 15 feet.

Wireless 2K Camera SystemIE-3000SYS-N1
Wireless 2k Camera Head, non-autoclavable w/out couplerIE-CH1000
18mm C-mount coupler (ea)IE-18CMT
Wireless 2K Base Station IE-BS1000
Wireless 2K camera head twin charger IE-CS1000
Wireless 2K base station replacement antennas (set of 4) IE-AN1000
Tablet computer for wireless camera system w/ installed app IE-TA1000
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Integrated Endoscopy

Integrated Endoscopy is a pioneer in the development of high-quality, low-cost single-use rigid endoscopes. Its nuvis Single-Use Arthroscope is revolutionizing the endoscopy market by delivering high-definition optics in a single-use device—providing first-time quality for every procedure.

Integrated Endoscopy
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