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Integrated Endoscopy Enters Partnership with FRII Medical

FRII, specializing in battery-powered cordless instruments and collaborating with IE on orthopedics, is committed to advancing the development and production of medical devices to elevate patient care quality and enhance healthcare cost-efficiency.

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Products /Wireless Shaver

Variety of blade/burr options

Suction Control Lever

Speed Control

Control Settings - Continuous or Oscillating

Push button access - motor replacement

Shaver Handle - Handles available for competitive blades
Precision Redefined in Arthroscopic Surgery

Introducing Wireless Shaver, a cutting-edge arthroscopic surgical tool for precise joint procedures. Engineered for optimal control and comfort, it offers versatility in tissue resection and joint debridement. With customizable settings and a robust design, the wireless shaver sets a new standard, ensuring surgeons achieve exceptional performance with a cost-effective solution.

Yes, the NuCision system can be used with virtually any blades/burrs.

Yes, the system offers a complete line of blades and burrs and can be used in virtually all surgical procedures.

Fully charged the battery can be used continuously up to 60 minutes of continuous shaving.

Yes, there is both a full speed and an oscillating feature to the motor. The company plans to add a reverse setting in the very near future. 

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Line of Blades & Burrs

Experience unparalleled versatility with the Wireless Shaver, compatible with a variety of competitive blades/burrs. Elevate surgical efficiency by seamlessly swapping blade choices during procedures using the same handle, ensuring adaptability and convenience. Choose our Wireless Shaver for a dynamic and user-friendly medical shaver experience.

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Integrated Endoscopy

Integrated Endoscopy is a pioneer in the development of high-quality, low-cost single-use rigid endoscopes. Its nuvis Single-Use Arthroscope is revolutionizing the endoscopy market by delivering high-definition optics in a single-use device—providing first-time quality for every procedure.

Integrated Endoscopy
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