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Products /NUVIS® Stack

  • 19", 1080p
  • 24", 1080p
  • 27", 4K

Cart Base Model

IV Pole



Fluid Pump

Wireless Camera Heads

Wireless Base Station

NuCision Shaver
Unmatched Adaptability and at the Best Value

Within the realm of surgical advancement, the NUVIS Stack emerges as a beacon of the future for efficient and cost-effective surgical technology. With unmatched precision and adaptability, this state-of-the-art surgical stack is meticulously crafted to propel medical procedures to unprecedented levels of excellence. It symbolizes a transformative stride towards the next era in wireless and cordless surgical innovation.

IE’s focus and goal is to be the wireless/ cordless arthroscopic provider. With sterile, single-use scopes that are compatible with 90% of the competitive camera systems that are in the market today, we are nearly there. The company hopes to release its small joint scope in Q2 and plans to introduce the Nuvis wireless camera to the market in the very near future. Its cordless shaver system is available internationally today, and the company is currently working with local regulatory authorities.
The company will offer a complete line of arthroscopic products and will be attending the AAOS in San Francisco in February 2024.
The Nuvis camera offers its proprietary “channel hopping” protocol so image quality and continuity is maintained even up to 15 feet away from the Nuvis camera box.
In addition to company personnel, local distributors are widely available to support most of all markets.
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